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About Me

Well, how did I get here?

I’ve been a full-time, professional freelance graphic designer and production artist since 2011. Prior to this, I worked 12 years as a marketing consultant in San Diego. I worked for a boutique agency and learned how to do just about everything having to do with marketing, and now I use that knowledge to help my clients.

As a freelancer, I've worked with great people in all sorts of fields. Since I got my start in the hospitality world, most of my client base has come from there, too, but I've worked on projects for tech companies, real estate agents, a jewelry designer, a fashion line and more.

I've found that my biggest strength is in picking up where large creative firms leave off: They're amazing when it comes to launching a new brand and working on big projects, but they generally can't be efficient when it comes to working on all the small projects that come up every day in marketing departments.


The beauty of a well designed brand is that you can hand projects off to me, and I can refer to the brand style guide to create pieces that fit right in with the rest of what's on-property. And (once I have that guide, and your fonts and other assets) I can turn projects around efficiently.

And if you need something original, I can help with that, too.


The Areas of My Expertise

Print Production

From large brochures to the most ephemeral of ephemera, I've designed just about everything there is to put on a printing press. Hit me up when it's time to rein in well meaning department heads and get your collateral back within brand standards. Or for menus when you're tired of the misaligned garbage you get when you try to force Microsoft Word to do what you want.

Email Newsletters

Since print is dead, you need to send out email newsletters and special offers constantly. I can do those for you! I've worked in typical platforms like MailChimp, but for the hotel world Navis Reach is the way to go and I have years of experience using it for multiple clients.

Other Stuff

Web graphics, Instagram stories, those slides that show up when you turn on hotel TVs, all kinds of signage, property maps, floorplan diagrams, digital banner ads, real world physical banners, vinyl window clings, email signatures... the list is endless, just ask (just don't ask for anything done in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint).

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